Mrs. Mamta Paithankar


Abstract: Today’s modern woman is not only strong but capable enough to manage all her responsibilities and duties towards both her family and work place. She plays various roles in her personal as well as professional life and tries to balance each of her roles so perfectly. Educated and self dependant women too, suffer lot many problems and torment in their lives. No appreciation is given to them as they are expected to do all the house hold duties along with job responsibilities. Their pains, suffering and aspirations are never realized because they are women as per the mentality of the people. With the advancement of technologies, the conservative perception of the world is required to be changed to improve the status and position of a woman in our society.

The renowned Indian woman writer Ms. Namita Gokhle initiates her writing with a new hallucination and holds a special position in the Indian woman writing. With her life experiences Ms. Gokhle depicts her women characters performing with more courage and liberty instead of begging for rights in the society. The categorization of her characters provides unique directions to the feministic writing as they fearlessly face any circumstances of their life without expecting any help or suggestion of the male. They are self-reliant to take decisions of their life and are capable enough to transform the social norms with their own point of views.

The proposed paper deals with the progress of women characters in Ms. Namita Gokhle’s novel, Gods, Graves and Grandmother. The three main female characters are focused in the paper. It represents how these women fight back to change the norms of conservative society to lead their life successfully by creating an icon of modern women with their own point of views.

Keywords: Modernistic, representation, hallucination daring, liberty, social norms.

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