Dr. Ravi Vyas Chaudhary Saket Kumar


Abstract:-  Sustainable development can be attained only by developing various strategies for protection of our environment. Industries have to play an important role in development of products which effectively incorporate environmental aspects. Concerns for global warming have attracted the attention of people towards use and promotion of environmental friendly products. Countries across the globe are adopting various measures to reduce carbon emissions and other toxic elements. The world is focusing on adopting the strategy of “reduce, reuse and recycle”. Sustainable development and social responsibility are key issues for all corporate house. Ifthey are willing to survive longer, they have to adopt these sustainable practices. Marketers are adopting various strategies to reduce the use of limited resources. They are implementing “going green” strategy by manufacturing eco-friendly products that attract socially ethical customers. Industries are adopting green marketing practices for promotion of eco-friendly products (also called green products).On the other hand, customers are also becoming aware of their social responsibility towards environment.

Purpose of our paper is to assess the awareness of customers towards eco-friendly products. The paper also tries to analyze the purchase intension of customers. The paper also tries to examineconsumer attitude towards contribution of environment through purchasing of eco-friendly products.

Keywords:Sustainable Development, Global Warming, Social Responsibility, Eco-friendly Products, Green Marketing, Buying Intension, Consumer Attitude, Carbon Emission.

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