Dr. Sandeep Raghuwanshi


Abstract:- In this age Importance and need of planning is increasing in every vicinity of life. Tax planning is being adopted in the tax vicinity but some of the people are used tax evasion (it means concealment of income, falsification of accounts and this device is unethical and has to be condemned) to reduced their tax liabilities. The impact of tax evasion to increase the black money and increase the unemployment rate and apart from that it also decreases the circulation of money in economics. India is facing major problems like Tax Evasion, Black money, existence of parallel economy show that Indian taxation system requires some major reforms in the future ahead to address all this problems. In this backdrop the present paper explores the tax planning concepts and examine amount of tax evasion in India. For this purpose the required data have been collected from secondary sources.

Keywords: Tax evasion, tax Avoidance, tax Planning, ethical code of conduct

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