Dr. Shefali Naranje


Abstract:- In today’s time when man has gained a lot of knowledge about anything and almost everything on this planet as well as that of the Universe, he had to pay a price for it. Man had started using his intelligence in the wrong direction to harm his fellow beings and also the nature provided to him by the Creator. He should not do this so he has been provided with the spiritual food which will keep a track of what he is doing. It will make him understand whether he is going in the right direction or whether he is coming to a culminating point where things will be out of his control. He has been given scriptures-be it the Bhagwat Gita, The Holy Bible, or any other religious book to keep him on the right track without fumbling. But even after this man has been unable to pay attention to his inner voice to do things in the right and justified way. He has failed to handle the supreme authority over earthly organisms, given to him by the Creator and therefore this fall has really changed things on this planet. To restore it he has to turn to his inner voice to set things right.

Keywords: Bhagwat Gita, Law of Karma, the Bible, Man’s downfall.

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The Bhagwat Gita

The Holy Bible

The End Times: Bible summary of the end days.

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