Dr. Avinash


Abstract:- Eating disorder is the third most chronic disease that affects females of adolescent age. This study was conducted to assess the impact of yogic exercises in reducing the eating disorder in adolescent females. To conduct the study, 20 adolescent females (Ave. age 17.12 years) with signs of eating disorder were selected for this experimental study. A three months yogic exercise was planned by the researcher as per the need of this study. The eating disorder inventory standardized by Agashe and Karkare (2007) was employed for data collection. In this one group pre-post test design data was collected twice i.e. before the commencement of yogic exercise program and after the completion of yogic exercise program. Pre-post paired comparison revealed significantly reduced post test scores on eating disorder as compared to pre-test scores. The researcher concludes that participation in yogic exercise program even of short duration of three months can control the disordered eating behaviour in adolescent females.

Keywords: Eating disorder, Adolescent females, Yoga.

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