Dr. Shobhana Jain


Women have played a vital role in the global environmental changes. Women share the primary responsibility for nutrition, child care and household management in almost all countries. They are also active in environmental management. In most developing countries, women play a major role as farmers, animal tenders, and water and fuel collectors. Yet, despite their roles, women are not adequately represented in the decision-making processes related to the issues of environment and development at local, national or international levels. Having their expertise, knowledge and perspective been overlooked for years, women are now demanding that their voices be heard. They recognize that an integrated approach to sustainable development is necessary since political, economic, social and environmental issues are closely interlinked.

Keywords- women empowerment, sustainable development, gender equality.

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Women and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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Women’s Empowerment and its Link to Sustainable Development: A Cross-Cutting and Integrated Approach

UN CLIMATE SPEECH / 11 DEC, 2017"Women Are Key to Sustainable Development for All" The Social Ion, Print ISSN: 2319-358, Indexed in DRJI Meenakshi Lohani & Loai Aburaida Vol. 6 No. 2 July-December 2017, pp. 26-29 The Social Ion DOI: 10.5958/2456-7523.2017.00006.4 (PDF) Women empowerment: A key to sustainable development

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(Dr. Arvind Kumar is the President, India Water Foundation, New Delhi)

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