Dr. Manisha Pandey, Mr. Himanshu Jain


Parents are the first teacher of any child. Children learn values from environment of their family and society. How their father treats their mother, how he treat his sister and him. The preference provided by parents to their boy child for outdoor work, they don’t want that their boy child doing inside home related work which is specifically reserve only for girls according to them.

Father is a role model for his son, if father treats wrongly with mother in front of sons, they generate self concept, like mother/any female should be treated like that. The position of father is more valuable than mother & she is property of him. By these activities the mentality of child will developed like man is more powerful and strong then women, and the rights of taking decision is in the hand of man only and this is the way of treating with women.

Sometimes parents not understand the situation of their child for being late at night and they punish them, many times the child was correct and right for their reasons but they don’t able to explain their conditions to them at that particular time. So parents should have to understand the preferences according to their child’s age and his situation for better understanding and building excellent personality of male child.

Keywords: family environment, personality building, preferences, child development, understanding, mentality of parents.

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