Miss Bushra Sheikh Dr. Manisha Pandey


Abstract:- Film industry play a vital role on mental and physical sustainable freedom of women. It is a type of moving literature which creates image of society and vice versa as “Literature is the mirror of society”. Parents generally restrict their daughter to do as their own interest, which create dissatisfaction in their daughter. But celebrities and endorser of this industries when comes on screen with different role, it creates faith on them and everyone wish to be like them in their life. This effect is not only on children and Youth but in their parents also. When a parents watch talent of any actor on screen and he/she realize that this kind of talent is in her/his child, they easily give permission to participate and perform on similar platform.  Result of this occur that now they don’t need to hide whatever they are doing out of their sight. Sometimes even they make much effort for their daughter and working of women’s freedom restrict.

Keywords:- Negative liberty, Positive liberty, Social freedom, sustainable development; women, harassment.

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