Dr. Anand Pahariya


Abstract:- 21st century has witnessed the presence of women in every work field. From corporate jobs to being an entrepreneur woman has proved themselves. The percentage of women in Journalism has been rising every day spanning the many areas of media ranging from print through radio, television and the Internet. Women have taken leading roles in news channels and have already achieved top positions. This does not mean that barriers and obstacles to success women face each day cannot be met and surmounted with success. Gone are the days when journalism was considered to be a predominantly male domain. There are women who are strong and bold and succeeded in their careers but in terms of numbers, they formed a fractional percentage of men in the field. Women have to face many problems every day. To know about the problem faced by women journalists, we have done a survey of 50 people which involves both male and female students, teachers which are taken as sampling. Interviewing method of research also involves a depth interview of some renowned women journalists of Raipur city to know the actual environment faced by women in the field of journalism. This research is an attempt to bring out the misconception or reality of problems faced by women’s in field of journalism.

Keywords:- Entrepreneur, women journalist, media, fractional percentage.

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