Rashmi Upadhyay


Abstract:- Job rotation is a job design approach widely used by many organizations at various levels and departments. It is an organized movement of staff from one job to another. This research tries to study the impact of job rotation of nurses in selected public and private hospital of Indore city with aim to know the current status of nurses job rotation and future need of job rotation in the selected hospital. The various dimension of job rotation like monotony of work, skill & expertise, learning skill, communication skill, socialization and role stress will be study in this descriptive survey research study, with the help of a Self administrative questionnaire. All the population of study were nurses above the age of 20 include both male and female respondents. As a result it was found that job rotation helps in reducing monotony of work among nurses and hospitals where job rotation is followed  their nursing staff has higher communication skill, social connectivity and expertise in their field.

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