Rouf Ahmad WagayI


Abstract:- Horticulture is one of the important sector of economy in Jammu and Kashmir were more than half of population is engaged in this sector and this sector. Kashmir valley is well known for its horticultural fruits both in India and abroad. This sector contributes about 7 to 8 per cent in state GDP. Out of total area of horticulture in state, 90% is in the Kashmir valley were favourable agro climatic condition is suitable for the growth of various kinds of temperate crops.  Horticulture has emerged as an important growing sub sector of agriculture, offers wide range of choices for crop diversification. Continuous increase in production and export of horticultural crops directly influences the income, employment and living standard of the people. Horticulture also provides ample scope for sustaining large number of agro industries which generate huge employment opportunities. The productivity of horticultural produce is vital for supplementing farm income and overall employment in horticulture.

Keywords:- Horticulture, Economy, Production, Employment.

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