Dr. Unmekha Tare Mr. Danish Khan


Buying behavior of a consumer basically refers to the purchasing behavior of any consumer. Many types of specialties, characteristics and factors directly or indirectly influence the individual consumer in their process of decision making for a product, their purchasing behavior, habits of shopping, the brands and the retail stores they goes. This is the analytical paper and exploratory in nature. In this study we will find any consumer is led by its psychological factors, his culture, his personality, family groups and also its social culture. There opens a door of big opportunities for a business firms and the brands to develop the different strategies and advertising campaigns in more effective manner by understanding and identifying the behavior of a consumer and the factors which effect the consumer decisions. The paper is conceptual type of paper and descriptive in nature and researcher have tried to review some pervious literature related to the topic to get the the details about the consumer behavior and their factors.

Keywords: Consumer, Consumer behavior, Buying decision process, Perception.

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