Hemangini Ameta Dr. Krishan Kumar Singh


Mass media plays one of the important roles in women’s development and its empowerment. Media can create an awakening inspiration to achieve their potential as prime movers of change in society. Digital media is helping women entrepreneurs across the world to get noticed more than ever before. Many women are carrying their ideas to fruition with support from digital media. Women are able to network with other like-minded women with more ease than was thought possible. Business opportunities have never come this close to women and there has never been any other platform that allowed them to allow to run free their hidden talents. In short, the digital media has urged women to use their potentials to the best in the Internet and ecommerce spheres. Not only in India, but in the world over, digital media has been seen as the appropriate platform for a woman to raise her voice and also get heard. It provides multiple business opportunities that allow women to explore and make profits from. At the end, it seems to the safest means to nurture and realize their dreams for a better future.

Keywords: - Digital Media, Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Cybercrime, New Media, Social Media.

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