Choragudi Sasidhar


In this paper, we consider the issues of computing for the dynamic IOT cloud. The design and implementation of IOT (Internet of things) & WSN (Wireless sensor network) based secured cloud computing system is implemented in the paper. The IOT (Internet of things) cloud consists of horizontal and vertical computing. To secure the data in cloud, the IOT(Internet of things) performs the operation based on the structures of horizontal and vertical structures. Wireless sensor network will provide effective network in the entire system. The analysis of integrated circuit is performed in the cloud and the user can analysis the data. The entire data is passed through the network which is known as wireless sensor network. The entire operation is controlled by using the role based access control model. This plays important role in entire system. After this entire process data is analyzed. After this the user can access the data from cloud using IOT (Internet of Things) module. WSN (wireless sensor network) gives effective connection between users interfaces. Hence the proposed system fives effective output.

Keywords: IOT (Internet of Things), Cloud computing, WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks), integrated data analysis, Role based Access control model.

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