Ankit Male Dr Shubha R Singh


- To study the consumer preferences towards the products and to study the Market Potential of COCA COLA. Consumer preference is a complex phenomenon and preferences keep changing, So the company needs to be in track of the changing likes and tastes of the consumer. The study starts with determining the major players in the soft drinks, their overall consumption pattern among the people and ends up with the conclusion as per the state of mind of the average rational human being.

Coca-Cola with its rich history and legacy of over a decade, with its exceptional marketing strategies and a supreme portfolio consisting of over 500 beverages such as Sprite, Thumps Up, Maaza, Minute maid and mineral water brand like Kinley known in India as Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCB) has been in Indian markets since 1987. Catering to the thirst and cravings of millions of Indians annually, contributing a significant amount to the Indian economy in terms of investments and employment opportunities.

In this research paper, we analyze the different marketing strategies being used by coca cola, especially influence and usage of social-media and digital marketing techniques and the extent to which it is able to influence a consumers behavior and how he or she reacts to the changing product or price made by the coca cola. We analyze the impact of coca colas strategies from two points of view one that of a customer and second the company itself. We drew up our conclusions based on 100 reliable respondents who are normal residents of India who have been active consumers of Coca Cola as a product keeping aside other products like Thumps Up and Maaza.

We could conclude was price wasn’t a major factor but the brand image created as an effect of advertisements and mental satisfaction after consumption was the major behavioral factor for purchasing which the millenniums exhibit.

Keywords: portfolio, consumer behavior, social media, digital marketing

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